As a golfer, slices can be pretty frustrating. Instead of hitting your aim and achieving distance, you have your golf ball spinning out of control. This can make for a very unpleasant game. There’s no way you can go very far and fast if you keep hitting the ball with an open clubface.

As a golfer, especially at the beginner level, slices are very common but not to worry; over 90% of golfers have also experienced this. The important thing here is to learn how not to slice by fixing it with a driver. This is why we’re here; to give you a step by step guide on how you can fix your slice. Don’t worry it’ll take practice but you’ll finally perfect it.

Before we delve into the step by step guide, it is paramount that we give a breakdown of what causes a slice. This would give you a better understanding I’m what needs to be avoided and where the work is needed.

What Causes a Slice?

There are so many things that could lead up to a slice but the most common reason and the one you’re probably experiencing is an outside-in swing path. This happens when you hold your club outside the line of your ball or very far away from you than needed. During the downswing, you then get to swing the club from outside to inside the line of the ball in order to make an impact.

What hits the ball is then the open clubface which causes it to spiral out of control as a result of your impact. You get a spinning ball instead of a clean shot which means you’ll not be hitting your goal. Not cool right? How do you get out of this? Here’s how you can fix your slice with a driver in 7 practical steps.

How to Fix Your Slice 

Fixing your slice is not one difficult life mission. It just takes 5 minutes to perfect your shot. Most times, when you are working with a trainer, they get to see what your problem is first-hand and move on from there. If you follow these steps, you’ll do just as good. The first two things we require of you is to first choose the right golf driver and secondly, master the right grip. Holding your club grip right is very important to achieving a good shot. Once that is out of the way, here’s how to fix your slice.

1.     Aim Straight

Most people would advise aiming left especially to golfers suffering slices. While this may be of little help, it can go ahead to cause a bad habit for you in golf. The ideal direction is always straight. It’s not so easy for people to correct their playing shape very fast. The best way to do this is to practice holding the club and swinging in a clockwise circle for a while. This would help you master a straight swing. Raise the club and aim as straight as possible. 

2.     Practice the Lift and Turn

While practicing for a straight aim with the clockwise motion, you can throw in some lift and turn. It is best to master your shoulder turn with the clockwise drill. To get this right, keep the clubhead behind the ball and lift it behind the ball. Naturally, your shoulder would turn so you’ll feel the weight of the clubhead. Keep swinging over the ball. This would align you on the path of the ball.

3.     Set the Golf Ball in the right Position

Sometimes, the cause of a slice may not even be your swinging method. It could be a simple malposition of the golf ball. Mist golfers make this mistake by placing the golf ball too forward from their stance. In this case, the player would be reaching for the ball which would inevitably cause a wrong impact of the club on the ball.

To correct this, place your ball further back to a point where it’s position is slightly in front of your left heel. With the position right, your driver would be making a better impact on the ball than before. If you’re still making a slice, follow on, it can still be fixed.

4.     Monitor your Divots

The divot is the best thing to tell if your club is aligned. Check that it is not pointing to the left side of your target. If it is, the chances are that you would hit a slice. If you keep monitoring your divot position before and after the shot, you would keep track of your improvements in aligning your club to the target. With constant practice, you would realize that your divot is no longer pointing towards the left side of your target.

5.     Tuck your Elbow during a Backswing

Your backswing is very important because it determines how well the club would make an impact on the ball. The majority of slices are caused by back swings that are way out of the ball path. To correct this problem, tuck your right elbow very closely to your body and align your club on a straight path. If you had been placing your right elbow away from your body, this may initially feel uncomfortable but with practice you would get used to it.

6.     Transfer Your Body Weight

Ideally, during a full swing, there should be a transfer of weight from your back to the front foot and back again. During the downswing, your weight should be transferred from your back to the front foot. This would make the club have a good impact on the ball without slicing.

7.     Release your Club before an Impact

To release the ball, rotate your forearms while the club makes the impact. Practice not making a late or too early swing. This is the final step to perfecting your shots and fixing your slice.

Well, there you have it, continue practicing and with time, you’ll get it right.